Injection molding feed pump for medical fluid handling


On behalf of a well-known manufacturer of components for the medical industry, we designed and manufactured a specification-compliant injection-molded liquid pump that transports sensitive media safely and cleanly in combination with the latest equipment technology.

As is so often the case in the field of medicine, the requirements surrounding resistance to chemical substances, air-tightness and hygiene are particularly high. Accordingly, it was necessary to configure the component so that all the requirements for use in the clean room could be met. In particular, the pump material specified by the manufacturer also required extreme precision in the tooling and processing in order to design the assembly with a consistent quality and on a stable and cost-effective basis.


At our Knittelfeld site, we assumed responsibility for the entire process development and design of the component, the mold and the injection molding machine. The entire value added chain is reproduced in-house.

A mold-flow analysis under series production conditions provides key insights for the subsequent mold design, in which the high specifications surrounding accuracy as well as the requirements of the clean room technology are taken into account. The particular challenge is to implement the demanding precision and air-tightness specifications when processing a PP injection molding material which is extremely susceptible to warping and resistant to chemicals. As the thermoplastic warps during the cooling phase, it is necessary to plan for correction loops from the start to achieve the required flatness and connection dimensions. Steel grades configured especially for medical technology are also used in the toolmaking.

The manufacturing itself takes place on eight modern injection molding machines which are designed for injection weights of up to 300 tons. Gripper robots developed in-house remove the cured component from the mold. Each process step is continuously monitored using measuring machines, gauges, dial gauges and calipers, and documented in the CAQ system. Finally, the feed pumps are packed in special blister packs specified by the customer and prepared for delivery.


In a holistic 1-site production, sophisticated medical technology components are created which fulfill all the required specifications surrounding quality, hygiene and cleanliness. Thanks to a consistent measurement and correction strategy, we are able to process an aggressive thermoplastic with high precision and on a uniform basis. And we do so in a coordinated process which is geared to cost-effectiveness and efficiency at every stage.

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